Website Maintenance

Having a site is extraordinary and practically much required these days, it gives potential clients understanding your business. It is only useful if people can really find the website, when you’re open, where you are and obviously what you offer. You should be sure about your website that positions well for your objective clients in the current competition around the world.

One of the main thing among the other features to happen is keeping up to date, not only about built of technology, the content must be fresh and unique. If you do not keep updating about latest development then visitors may think that you have posted news year ago, even other rivals site has the latest news compared to you, then search engine like Google will rank your competitor’s site will be higher than your site.

What you can get from our WebSite Maintenance

In YoYo Technologies you can get following services on website maintenance.

  • Update image and information on website
  • Security Audits along with security update
  • Check and add new links to website
  • Content copywriting for effective marketing
  • WebSite hosting management
  • Web application support to mobile or social application
  • Keeping Backup for safety off-site and maintenance
  • Support E-Commerce Management
  • Site error rectifies like 404 pages and reminders for the new content update