Web Application

IMPA Software designs and develops fine Web applications that are BUSINESS-CRITICAL and aids you to meet the dynamic, challenging, difficult and constantly emerging technological changes. Our web application is designed to tone –down the IT complexity, facilitate and synchronise the business operation and their workflow, and finally, make them easy to monitor and control.

Our Web applications are the final product of deep study, analysis, and understanding of a client’s needs. These web applications are configured to meet clients IT requirements and industries steer clear of corporate stigmata-like information theft, processing delays and difficulties and problems in accessing or recovering data. With extraordinary business-enhancing features, our applications come with cross-platform compatibility (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and this application also has a special feature that it can be easily integrated into other web procedures.

Highlights of our services

IMPA offers web applications that can place you in front of the IT rhythm by lessening depression and gearing the productivity. We assure you that you are one among the top of your competitors in your industry through efficient and strongly designed web applications and that is to minimize or reduce time-to-market periods and cut down growing cost. IMPA has developed initially high-tech web applications and web RIAs for our clients from online presentation tools, data management to computer-aided design optimizer, E-commerce applications etc.

Construction Management

We have great Experience Developing Software Applications for the Construction Industry.

Stock Management

Applications for managing the large process of stocking for Repeatable Organisations.

Account Management

Managing an Industrial process with High Reliable Sophisticated Accounting Application

Payroll Application

Makes easy salary calculating and defines earnings and loan deductions, with payroll applications.