Smart Ship Chandler

    SMART Ship Chandler is an integrated system designed for Ship Chandlers that allows them to manage their whole business
    from one central software solution while experiencing significant business benefits

    Why you need Planner

    Schedule once is pretty unique in the appointment vendor landscape. When you see it you will notice that the user interface is much more polished and the UI seems to be far more usable. you will also notice that it is not just the traditional appointments system that require customers to select a single time and that’s it. Schedule once understands that there are many types of scheduling processes and that one size may not fit all.
    For example, if you are planning to organize many appointments you will probably want to work in the traditional model where people select a single time and the appointment is booked automatically. However, if you are not organizing many appointments you may want to work in a more controlled mode. We call this Meeting mode and it works like this: You specify how many time slots people should select and once they submit their selection you get to review the times and select the ones that work best for you. This gives you control over what gets into your calendar.